Awl&Maul has lived a few lives - when passion and work collide, we might all agree that the journey isn't always easy, but it's worth the ride. Now over a decade of working with leather, here we are.

To understand the products I create - simple styles carefully executed with quality leather and materials that honor function above all else -  I would like to share a small glimpse into my journey. 

From film, photography, spear fishing, satisfying manual labor, to creating leather goods. From Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Bali and now New York, I've lived in many places. Learning from the experiences along the way, but all the while understanding that I'm happiest when life is most simple. 

In today's society, we need, we want, we buy.... So for me, to create a commodity is often at odds with my own ethos. From this, I can simply say that what I create, Awl&Maul, has been constructed to last and live with you through the lumps and victories of a life well worn.

- Darren